Lake Tahoe

The next day we were off to Lake Tahoe, we were both sad to leave San Francisco and we vowed to return. We drove out of San Francisco via the Bay Bridge again.


As you can see I was super exited to drive across the bridge again – in fact I look a bit demented.


We stopped off at In-n-out! Love that place, one of the burgers and the fries are ‘animal style’. Onwards!


We arrive at our Hotel, Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge and Spa. Really nice rooms literally right on the lake shore. Note I noticed on trip advisor there were a few people recommending to try and get a room on the 1st floor as they are quieter (no one stomping around above). We did and it was very peaceful.


Above is the lovely view from our balcony.


A little beer and a cocktail in a bar on the pier.


Then a walk. What’s going on with those weird looking clouds eh? Answers on a post card as we say here in the UK. Do you say that phrase in other countries? Back to the lodge to watch the sun set over the lake and a few more cheeky drinks on our balcony.


I’ve never really used my camera for any long exposure photography. But I had a quick go.


The amount of stars you could see was amazing, coming from a fairly built up town in the UK we don’t get to see this. From memory this was something like 20 second exposure on my Xe2.


Breakfast at The Red Hut Cafe, there’s a waffle under all that fruit and cream somewhere! We spent the rest of the day enjoying the pool and the beach and just chilling in the sunshine. Later we had a massage at the Elements Spa which is part of the Lakeshore Lodge complex. Honestly this was the best massage we both have ever had, thanks Kelly!


Dinner was a fancy free pizza at Base Camp Pizza Co. which was really good and great value. Then we stopped off at The Red Hut Cafe on the way back for an ice cream treat with salted pretzels and other goodies.

Lake Tahoe was great, there is tons to do especially if you like water sports but we chose to just chill out. What ever you like it’s a smashing place to visit.

On to Yosemite Park!


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