Death Valley

Our stay in San Francisco was tons of fun, Yosemite Park was immense and beautiful. Death Valley was the most desolate place we’ve ever been and it was as hot as the sun, driving through Death Valley was brilliant. But first it’s time for some food! On the way to Death Valley we stopped at Alabama Hills Cafe and Bakery in Lone Pine.

I had a club sandwich the size of my head and I have a big head. I think Leigh had a posh BLT with cheese but I couldn’t eat it all so I took mine with me.

Death Valley Road TripDSCF1295Death Valley Highway 136 SignDeath Valley Road

Death Valley is such a photogenic place.. the photos practically take themselves. When I got out of the car each time to take photos it was like God was blowing a mountain sized hair dryer on the hot setting.


If you stop to take photos every now and then passing cars (of which there weren’t many) stop to check everything is OK with you. If you broke down without water you could easily dehydrate very quickly out here in the high temperatures and things could get nasty.

Death Valley Sign PostDeath Valley long road

It was all a bit much for me.. and I got a bit over excited. Sorry.

Jumping in Death Valley

We stopped off at the National park sign for the standard pose.

Death Valley National Park Sign PoseDeath Valley National Park Sign Pose - Leigh Shaw

We stopped at the ranger station to pay the park fee.

48 celsius or about 119 Fahrenheit here but it did get hotter later.

Death Valley Temperature GaugeDSCF1340Death Valley - Elevation Sea level SignDeath Valley - Elevation Sea level Sign

We arrived at Furnace Creek Resort where we had booked to stay for the night. We booked a ranch room, but you can stay in the Furnace Creek Inn which looks more plush. The other popular place to stay as a stop over in Death Valley is Stovepipe Wells. The ranch room was nice, very clean and a good size.

Furnance Creek resFurnace Creek Resort Temperature Gauge

Yup you read that right it was about 124 Fahrenheit when we arrived (about 51 celsius)! I’m from the UK so this is bloody hot for me. The resort is pretty big with a laundrette, bars, a few restaurants, gift & grocery shop and a pool. I’m ashamed to say that rather than walk through the silly heat we drove our nice air conditioned car across the resort site to have a drink at the bar. Lazy bones! Here’s the outside of our ranch room facing the pool area.. and the view.

Furnace Creek Ranch RoomDSCF1382

You may (or may not) have noticed that the suns higher in the photo above then the previous photos. If you did notice you should probably either get a hobby or work for MI6. Just kidding good spot! After a drink and the rest of our club sandwiches back in the room we hit the laundrette, yup living dangerously right on the edge people. Then bed.

Next morning we had the buffet breakfast, which by the way isn’t Furnace Creeks strong point. But we still had a nice time here and the staff were really nice.

This post is getting pretty long isn’t it so I’ll save Zabriskie Point and Dante’s View for next time and give your mouse scroll button a rest.


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