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Finally we reached Monterey via the Big Sur, it took way longer to get here than I planned but if you read my previous post you’ll know the long drive was lovely and I wouldn’t have changed anything. After arriving in Monterey and dumping the car & bags at our hotel (Best Western, cheap as […]

The Big Sur

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin with the history bit to make me look all clever like. The name “Big Sur” comes from the Spanish “el sur grande” which means “the big south” because of it’s position south of Monterey. It has the highest joined coastal mountain range in the US and rises a […]

Santa Barbara..

Heyyyyy… so it’s raining cats & dogs here in England today. We have the ex-tropical hurricane Bertha moving coming to visit us, who makes up these names for hurricanes anyway? They always make weather sound like soooo much fun with these names “Hey everyone you know that party we have planned for the weekend? Well lets […]