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Iceland – Thingvellir and our last meal

Continuing our fourth day in Iceland, we were still on the Golden Circle tour with GeoIceland and now heading on to Thingvellir National park (or Þingvellir). Thingvellir is a really important place for Icelandic people, Althing (the Icelandic parliament) was founded here in 930 and the parliament met here all the way up until 1798. Icelandic people  journeyed (sometimes very […]

Gullfoss Mono

Iceland – Golden Circle, Geysir and little horses

On our 4th and final day in Iceland we’d booked the Golden Circle tour again with GeoIceland. The tour is around 7-8 hours and includes Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir hot springs,  Hveragerdir earthquake town, and the waterfall Faxi. Like the previous tour with GeoIceland we were picked up in a small comfortable minibus with a […]

Iceland – Whale Watching and Lobster Soup

Just across from where we stayed in the  The Planet Apartments is Reykjavik old harbour, there are a few different places running whale watching tours from the old harbour. But first it was time to eat! Sægreifinn – The Sea Baron restaurant is listed on Trip Advisor as a great place to get good value sea food and […]


Iceland – Reykjavík

On our second day we took it easy and explored Reykjavík and just chilled out. Here’re some fun facts for you, who doesn’t love facts? Reykjavík is the northern most capital (of any independent nation) in the world Because Reykjavík is only 2 degrees south of the Artic circle it gets just 4 hours of light on the shortest […]


Iceland – Skógafoss

We arrived at Skógafoss, a waterfall in southern Iceland. The coastline actually used to be at this point, now it’s just over 3 miles from this point. What remains here now is the former sea cliffs and the waterfall. Because of the amount of spray from the waterfall there’s nearly always a rainbow showing here […]