San Francisco – Golden Gate

Two posts in one day…. get me! If you’ve read some of previous posts you’ll know that I’m a massive idiot when it comes to researching places to eat some times (via Tripadvisor).

Sanfransicso Walk

So a long early morning walk from our hotel took us to the Mymy restaurant near Nob hill.. *snigger snigger*.  I am not sh**ing you this was the best breakfast I’ve ever had to date.

DSCF0801DSCF0800Top is Leigh’s breakfast which was French Toast with butterscotch drizzle, fruit, served with Vermont maple syrup. My brekky was a Tex-Mex scramble with chorizo, garlic, jalapenos, onions, tomato, chipotle aiolo, avocado, served with hash brown and corn tortilla! Mmmmmmm.

So with full tummys we rolled ourselves over to pick up our bikes. We booked a self guided bike ride with Bay City Bike rentals. We wanted to go to Sausalito after cycling across the Golden Gate bridge, Bay rentals can sell you tickets to come back from Sausalito back to San Francisco on a ferry with your bikes (unless you fancy riding all the way back).


Alcatraz is visible above the pier…


Cycling across the Golden Gate bridge is a brilliant experience.


View from the Golden Gate bridge with a hazy San Francisco skyline and Alcatraz.


Just coming in to Sausalito on our bikes.


Sausalito is a really lovely place and if your heading across the Golden Gate Bridge its definitely worth a visit. We were too busy stuffing our faces with ice cream and looking round the cool shops to take lots of photos. I’d recommend getting the ferry back as you’ll likely be knackered after cycling from San Francisco. The views from the ferry when we were heading back were lovely (above).


Another trip I highly recommend is a base ball game at AT&T Park. We both knew nothing about baseball but who cares, it was great fun and look at the great view from our seats! I bought my tickets via Stubhub before we left the UK.


The San Francisco Giants lost to San Diegos Padres that night but the atmosphere was brilliant. Full of hot dogs and merry from a couple of beers we headed back to the hotel for a nice sleep! Yawn, more soon.



  1. This is awesome!
    I’m Ray from London originally from Hong Kong.
    Just stared my journal about cultures and travel
    would be really lovely if you lovely people can check it out !

    Cheers X

  2. Love your travelogues…..keep it up please!

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