Yosemite – Arrival

The drive to Yosemite from Lake Tahoe was beautiful and driving in through the twisty mountainous roads keeps you on your toes. Allow extra time to drive through the park to your destination, it’s huge, busy and you need to keep to the speed limits for obvious reasons.


The drive through Yosemite was immense, it was just as beautiful as The Big Sur from earlier in our road trip.


We booked to stay at arrived at Camp Curry in Yosemite for two nights. It’s in between camping and glamping. There are more expensive options, hotels, lodges etc but they sell out way in advance. So if you don’t fancy Camp Curry then book early. One other note the parking was a bit of a nightmare so plan to get there earlier in the day if you can, people where driving round and round and round… you get the idea.

Here’s our suite for the two nights, number 479. Hopefully not a favourite of the local bears. I’ve nothing against bears, so any bears reading this don’t take it personally. I just don’t like sharing my sleeping quarters with anything other than my fellow homo sapiens. Seriously though if you do visit take note of all the signs, especially around scented soaps, food etc and use the locked metal containers available outside each tent.


Walking around Camp Curry is fantastic, while it’s busy the area is huge and it’s been built around the national park in a sympathetic way. There’s lot of info on the guided or self guided walks available. We didn’t book anything for the late afternoon, just had a look around and of course had some cheeky drinks (I had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for the first time which was lovely). Which then brings me on to my next point.


Don’t eat the buffet food haha. It was rank.. I’m honestly not that fussy at all but even I struggled to eat it. My advice if you must go to the buffet is stick to the simple things, salad, potatoes. I know  why the pizzeria was so busy on site after eating here. It didn’t spoil the lovely afternoon\evening though.

Off to bed… the warnings of the bears in the room are comforting. What a brilliant place though, driving in that day really gave us a sense of the size of the place. You’ll also be pleased to note that the bears took note of my prejudice and didn’t try to join us for a night cap.

Next day we booked a Glacier Point tour. Night all.



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  1. It is beautiful

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