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Yosemite – Glacier Point

The Glacier Point tour we pre-booked left pretty early so I’m not sure the pizzerias would have been open for brekky (nothing wrong with pizza for breakfast). But a glutton for punishment we thought why not slum it in the Camp Curry buffet again. We chose more wisely from the selection and it was slightly […]


Lake Tahoe

The next day we were off to Lake Tahoe, we were both sad to leave San Francisco and we vowed to return. We drove out of San Francisco via the Bay Bridge again. As you can see I was super exited to drive across the bridge again – in fact I look a bit demented. […]

Jurassic coast – Dorset

So July 2013, Westbay in Dorset it was a scorching weekend. We both came here having never seen or heard of the BBC series Broadchurch but since writing this post we’ve watched the series while both excitedly pointing¬†& shouting at the TV “We’ve been to that ice cream shop” or “I remember that place”. Yeah […]