Jurassic coast – Dorset

So July 2013, Westbay in Dorset it was a scorching weekend. We both came here having never seen or heard of the BBC series Broadchurch but since writing this post we’ve watched the series while both excitedly pointing & shouting at the TV “We’ve been to that ice cream shop” or “I remember that place”. Yeah we’re living life on the edge people.

Dorset Blog-5

Anywho I can heartily recommend Highland End Holiday park as a place to camp. It’s right on the top of some cliffs so if you have lovely views around you of the Jurassic coast line (although it does get a bit windy up top <insert terrible baked bean joke here>).

Dorset Blog-10Dorset Blog-1-2Dorset Blog-1

So I don’t mind roughing it up every now and again – however Leigh not so much. So when we go camping we add electricity for the essentials such as hair straighteners (everyone does that right?).

Dorset with Straightners

Here are some more photos..

Dorset Blog-1aDorset Blog-4Dorset Blog-35 Dorset Blog-2

Lovely 6 mile walk (we didn’t realise it was so far) from the camp site to Bridport along the South West coast past with a pub break and a great view. I ended up with a burnt forehead as usual.

Dorset Blog-23bDorset Blog-1Dorset Blog-28Dorset Blog-31Dorset Blog-32b

The main little town of Westbay is only a mile or so away along the cliff paths – I can recommend Rachel’s for lunch or dinner. It’s just a little hut with a small amount of seating within Westbay Harbour but the food is lovely and fresh. It get very busy probably because it’s listed as the number 1 restaurant in Westbay so you might have to wait for a seat although it’s worth it (they do take away too!).

Dorset Blog-15Dorset Blog-20Dorset Blog-17Dorset Blog-1-3bDorset Blog-16

A fab weekend in all..

Dorset Blog-11 Dorset Blog-18bDorset Blog-8Dorset Blog-12bDorset Blog-7


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  1. Loved Broadchurch and so neat to see it here…thanks!

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