Yosemite – Glacier Point

The Glacier Point tour we pre-booked left pretty early so I’m not sure the pizzerias would have been open for brekky (nothing wrong with pizza for breakfast). But a glutton for punishment we thought why not slum it in the Camp Curry buffet again. We chose more wisely from the selection and it was slightly better than the previous evenings fair. It’s cheap considering where you are and what else are you going to eat in the middle of Yosemite National park?

The views from the coach alone on the way up were breath taking. You really have to put all your trust in the bus drivers as the roads are windy, treacherous, with lethal drops that make you bum clench repeatedly if you think too hard about it. One mistake and your vehicle would be over the side. But as I’m writing this now two years later I’ve ruined the suspense and you know we made it… sorry for ruining that but yay we’re alive!

I’ll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves, but in the photo above and to the right we were right above Camp Curry I believe. I couldn’t quite make out our Camp Curry suite from here.



Has to be done… sorry.



Amazing right?

We left Glacier Point heading back to suite 479. We had a brilliant time in Yosemite, I’d love to come back and so some of the self guided walking tours. We left early in the morning at 0800 to try and beat some of the hoards heading out. The views leaving through the other side of Yosemite where just as great as when driving in. We were heading to Death Valley next and we used Tioga pass which is a quicker route but closed in the winter or bad weather as the roads can be pretty dangerous.


See you soon on the way to Death Valley.. cheers for reading.





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