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Iceland -Reykjavík, Seljalandsfoss & Sólheimajökull glacier hike

The only Iceland I’d ever been to up until March 2014 was the one Kerry Katona hangs out in. Classy.When we first landed at the airport in the country Iceland in March 2014 we though it looked a bit like a Martian landscape. The deep volcanic blacks against the brown grasses made it look like […]

Vegas strip car

Vegas – 4th July, Shows, drinks and sparkly stuff

We’re nearly at the end of our USA journey, if you’ve read my previous posts from the beginning in Los Angeles then a massive thanks for coming along for the ride. Looking at the photos along the way I feel so lucky to have had the chance to travel to so many brilliant places but I remember we […]

Grand Canyon

Today we had booked a Grand Deluxe Air and Ground tour with Canyon Tours, I’d read online that the South Rim tours were possibly the better choice as this area is owned and looked after by The Grand Canyon National Park and has the more classic views. I’m not sure if this is accurate but the South Rim […]

Vegas Mono - Out of Focus

Vegas – Arrival

We left Dante’s View and we were then rocking towards Vegas, the drive took a couple of hours. It’s quite an experience driving from Death Valley as you really appreciate that Vegas really is in the middle of a desert. So as we worked our way around the desert roads and Vegas finally appeared in […]

Dante's View

Death Valley -Dante’s View and Zabriskie Point

We were up bright and early looking forward to the day ahead, I was really looking forward to Dantes View and Zabriskie point and we were both really excited about the drive to Vegas in the afternoon! So we left our little ranch room in Furnace Creek Resort and stuffed another pretty bad (but cheap) buffet […]