California Roadtrip

roadtrip map
I’m very excited right now – “Why is that Tim” I hear you all cry with enthusiastic curiosity. Well everyone if you must know it’s mainly because I have a California road trip planned & booked for this year.. Woooooooooot!

I’ve never been anywhere in the US before but I’ve wanted to go for ages and come and meet all you happy, positive chaps (and chapesses) over there. Our route is on the left photo just there which we’ve planned over over 16 days. But in short the main stops are *big breath* LA>Santa Barbara>Monterey>San Francisco>Lake Tahoe>Yosemite Park>Death Valley>Vegas>Grand Canyon.

“But where are the statistics Tim” I hear someone cry out..  well Barry (I’ll call you Barry as it sounds like the name of someone who loves statistics) I’ll be driving about 1314 miles or about 26hours which according to those nice folks at should cost about 226 of your US dollars in petrol (never understood why it’s called gas in the US?). Satisfied Barry?

I’d write more about the ‘Timmy & Leigh’s Road-trip Extravaganza’  in upcoming posts but if you have any suggested stops (worlds largest ball of string?) or tips or questions about what cool stuff is in my house to burgle while I’m away then let me know.

In addition to announcing my house  is empty for a bit of classic old English burglary I also wanted to mention books. Like some of you I think it’s nice to read a novel about places you’re visiting before you get there. Here’s my list of possible books I have so far.

Lemme know if you have recommendations .










  1. johnrush5 · · Reply

    On your trip from LA to San Fran there are so many good photo opportunities, however if I had to choose one I feel as though Big Sur at sunset takes the cake, the sights are just stunning! Good luck on your adventures, looking forward to hearing more of them!

    Safe travels,


  2. Hope you enjoyed your fab trip to the westernmost US! I used to live in California and oregon, not at the same time, that would be weird. Loved Northern California. I’m actually jealous that you managed to go to the south rim of the grand canyon. I want so badly to go. (by the way, I was going to burgle the homestead but you failed to leave an address)

    1. Hahaha Suze.. I’m sorry that was just plain rude of me wasn’t it? I promise to let you know the correct address next time and you’ll be able to come and partake in some old fashioned English burgling. You’ll need to get a proper outfit though I think you’d look silly burgling without it ..

      1. OMG! I love it! can I get mine in coral though? after a certain age black makes one…well…..icky

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