Vegas – 4th July, Shows, drinks and sparkly stuff

We’re nearly at the end of our USA journey, if you’ve read my previous posts from the beginning in Los Angeles then a massive thanks for coming along for the ride. Looking at the photos along the way I feel so lucky to have had the chance to travel to so many brilliant places but I remember we also felt sad that we were flying out soon.

Anyway “Shut your cake hole Tim” I hear you cry and show us the goods i.e the photos in case you didn’t get my meaning there.

Vegas Day Time

We woke to a lovely clear sky.. well apart from that cheeky little cloud right there. It kinda looks like Slimer from Ghost Busters turned around a bit…. nope? Just me then.

Vegas Shows - The Beatles and Absinthe

Look what we got!! Tickets for Absinthe on the 3rd July and Cirque du Soleil, The Beatles for the 4th July. Excited.

DSCF1747DSCF1749.jpgCeasers Palace

Back to our Wynne hotel room, a nice bath, change of clothes and it’s time for some more cheeky drinks then on to the first show! Absinthe.

Vegas - Absinthe

The venue is an unusual small circus like tent, with small wooden chairs with the front row being in touching distance of the performers almost in the centre. By the way if you don’t like being picked on during the show then avoid seats in the front row. Absinthe is an acro-cabaret variety show however be warned it’s rude.. and could be classed as offensive if you’re sensitive. We both thought it was one of the most hilarious shows we’ve ever been to, but yes it was also very rude.


I won’t put too many shots up here as I don’t want to spoil the show in case you go. But it was amazing and very funny and should not be missed in my opinion. We then went on for dinner and more exploring for the evening.

The next day we just chilled out with a well deserved hang over, when the sun jogged on we hit the strip again for our final evening.

DSCF1442Vegas Strip

Just across the street from The Wynne was a nice little shopping centre by the way (above).



On to see the fountains at The Bellagio.

bellagio fountainsDSCF1730.jpg

We then went on to see the Cirque du Soleil, Beatles Love show. It’s a really big venue with lots and lots of seating, the complete opposite of the Absinthe venue in fact. I didn’t take any photos here as it wasn’t allowed (even with flash disabled). It was a really fun show, tons of Beatles favourites tunes with lots of acrobatics and excellent light effects. Not as good as Absinthe but still very good.

After this things got a bit more hazy as we were both a bit tipsy..  but not so tipsy that I couldn’t take photos… yet.


Here are the cars I should have hired for our USA trip! I’d have maybe got car jacked though if I had those eh? Or crashed them at the very least.

Check out all the patient people waiting for the 4th of July Fireworks fireworks in the street, we were like sardines (in our cases slightly pickled sardines).


Despite my low quality photos the fireworks were really impressive, we were really lucky that we were able to be here on the 4th July to see this.


Oh dear…


Time to head back I think before we got ourselves in trouble.


The view from our room on our last night in Vegas..


The next day we were off home to Angleterre, a bloody brilliant time was had here in Vegas and all over our other various stop overs. 2 years later I still think about this trip all the time, it was worth every penny.

While we were really sad to be leaving we had treated ourselves to Virgin Premium Economy on the flight back which we were really looking forward to!! POSH!

You get a drinks menu with free drinks, and a proper food menu to pick your food. It was a lovely treat, the seats were really comfy but I’d probably not fly Premium Economy again personally as the price really is ‘premium’. But it’s nice to experience these things once if you can. But I’m sure Leigh is reading this and saying “We so are flying Premium economy again Timmy”.


So we waved goodbye to Vegas and our road trip. The people at every stop were lovely and the sights were breath taking. Thanks for having us USA.. as Vinnie Jones says it’s been emotional. Thanks for reading.


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  1. so very happy that you had a great road trip through the southwest……love the pics…..

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